Monday, August 1, 2011

Back to School- College Edition

I was a ball of excitement and nerves. Every year that I drove onto 2900 Lomaland Dr I was ecstatic thinking about what that year would hold and the memories that would be made but I was also nervous, would my classes be too hard? would I perform as well on the softball field this year as well as I did the year before? would we have an ocean view? will there be a snake hiding under one of our suitcases (it happened)? what surprises would this school year hold? (what can I say I'm a worry wort). But I absolutely loved the energy at the beginning of the year and starting school again. The new notebooks, the organized binders, the smell of new books, and the fact my mom made sure to take me back to school shopping for the essentials even in college. She wouldn't leave my dorm till my bed was made, closet organized, desk set up, food in the fridge, and a few new outfits in the smallest closets ever. If I was going back to school this year, these are some things that would make my list of must haves.

The ipad 2, my husband is using his as his main computer now and I think I would love to take notes and write papers on one of these (and of course, play words with friends).
I hate waking up and waking to that horrid beep, beep, beep is the absolute worst way to start a day, Dave Matthews is far better to wake up to. Plus this one is little and cute and white!

Everyone needs a backpack. Especially this one.
Or a cute tote
A few casual, easy to wear dresses because jeans get a little boring. ps. I knew a girl in college who would only wear dresses and high heels (everyday! for 4 years!) I am not extreme like that but I definitely like me some effortless dresses like this one.

And this one.
And this one.

Along with new clothes you definitely need some new shoes. Point Loma is hilly, most of the time your breathing hard by the time you make it up from the dorms so high heels to me were out of the picture. But these are some adorable shoes that I think would look cute with jeans or casual dresses, score.

And you can't forget the classic flip flop, rainbows are where its at in San Diego.
Happy Back to School shopping!

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