Thursday, August 18, 2011

Lessons of the Week

Starbucks Green Tea Latte makes sitting in traffic bearable.

Wildflowers only last two days in water once you’ve cut them and made them into a pretty arrangement.

God gives us moments to treasure so that we can draw strength and encouragement from when needed.

When you get a ticket, even though you’ve done everything they’ve asked of you and you think its taken care of, double check...or you may end up on Van Buren in Phoenix at midnight with your license suspended and your car impounded left with no id to board your plane the next morning asking your friend to break into your house and find your passport to have it expedited to the airport. Poor todd =(

Enchilada sauce makes even the simplest meals, delish.

Rain water can bring back flowers that have been dead for months, two fist pumps for God’s natural sprinkler system.

Netflix spoils you by not even having to fast forward through commericals, DVR, you are on the outs.

Corbyn knows all the motions to “Jesus Loves Me”. He just started singing and signing through the whole thing.

Did you learn anything this week?

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