Monday, August 8, 2011

Mommy Mondays: The paci

Corbyn doesn't have a special blankie. Nor does he have a special animal he carries with him or sleeps with. He doesn't have one toy you can't pry out of his fingers. He likes to switch it up. One night he will sleep with Mr. Trunkman (his elephant), the next he will sleep with Church (his little blanket bear, which he named when he was 18 months and his name has never wavered), then he may switch to sleeping with a book. Pretty nice for mom in that if I can't find one I can easily persuade him into something else. Nice for mom in that we have never had a melt down because we left something somewhere and can't get it for a few days. Nice for mom.

But there is one thing he is adamant about...da da da da....the paci. He knows its only allowed when he is in his crib and will happily throw them down as soon as he is awake, but to go to sleep he needs a paci, usually 3, one in his mouth and one in each hand. We actually have never tried going without paci just because he is such a good sleeper (he wasn't for a loooong time) and because he really doesn't ask for much else, so to me, no big deal. I know he's not going to take it to kindergarten or go to college with a secret stash under his pillow but I've started to get looks when I say Corbyn still uses a paci (this could possibly be out of my own mommy insecurity or one person who gave me a look and now I associate negative feelings with). I feel like I have to justify myself and clarify yes, he uses a paci but its only at night time.

So how old is too old for paci? And how do I even try to get rid of it? One fabulous idea from my friend whose daughter had hers till three was to throw paci a going away party. What other ideas have you heard?

I want my paci mommy!
Yeah, thats better. I can even sleep with my leg up when I have paci.

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  1. Ben still has his paci in bed too! I say that if it helps him sleep, WHY take it away? It's not like he's walking around with it all day. It is much better for the whole family to get a good night's sleep in my opinion!