Monday, August 22, 2011

Mommy Mondays: Potty training

I have failed at potty training my boy. Yes, he can go to the potty on the potty and is staying more and more dry every day. He has not failed but I have failed in making some of the most common potty training mistakes.

First, I woke up one morning and thought "hey, I'm home for two days strait, I'm going to start potty training". No plan, no research, I just made up MY mind, went and bought chonies, and went for it. FAIL.

Second, I was inconsistent. This was even surprising to me. I like my routine, I know my son likes routine but I was inconsistent in when he was to go to the potty, when he drank liquids, even in telling our different caregivers what our expectations were. FAIL.

Third, I expected too much. I thought for sure by the end of two days at home with mom he would be putting his poppy and pee pee in the potty every single time, I mean the kids a genius, why wouldn't he (catch the sarcasm, though of course, he is a genius)? FAIL.

Fourth, I reacted negatively to accidents. I believe I showed disappointment when he had an accident, I got worked up about having to clean poopy off from all over his legs instead of staying calm, encouraging him and comforting him in his own disappointment. FAIL.

And finally, trying to force the issue. It's very much in a toddler's nature to turn every issue into a power struggle. He became stubborn. Mom became more stubborn. Instead of listening to him and maybe hearing a fear he couldn't express I thought I could will him into preferring the potty. FAIL.

Round one of potty training was a failure on mom's part and though I may be being hard on myself I have learned. So, here's to round two starting Thursday, mom is prepared, read up, and stocked up on patience and mini marshmellows (his treat of choice). We shall see if Corbyn is now ready, fingers crossed.
I thought diaper toosh was cute, but little boy chonie toosh is super cute (sorry about the poopy phone photo)

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