Friday, May 20, 2011

Thursday Randomness

Cute simple gift and here

I want to make these for an outdoor table

This made me really sad

This made me laugh out loud

I need to invent something. I wish I would of thought of this, this, this, and this. Shark Tank=awesome.

I don’t think we will live in Prescott forever but I want to help Corbyn remember important places in his childhood that will spur good memories, I think this would be a cool way to do it

When I was little I thought, “If I’m ever homeless, I will try to live in a department store. They have everything I would need”. Why I thought about this not sure. But someone else also thought about it so I don’t feel so strange. Check these guys out.

I've never been a traditional cereal lover but cereal repurposed the way i like here, here, and here

We need more sports stars like this.


  1. Your link to the thing to help Corbyn remember Prescott didn't work! :\ I liked this post though! :)

  2. thx betahny! it should work now =)