Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer, you are welcomed

Summer is almost here, summer is almost here! I'm ready. This is how I know summer is already being welcomed here by yours truly.

I lightened my hair. And I have already gone to a wedding (my bro and new sis-in-law's wedding). This photo is by April Smith & Co., she's amazing, go check her out and all the rest of their wedding photos. My mom says this photo remind her of us when we were little, awww!
I've been to a graduation.
I've made a very summery meal. Skirt steak with a tomato balsamic topping, papaya avocado salad, and watermelon. Yum!
I've ate watermelon like its going out of style. I pre cut all my fruit so its the first thing I grab for in my fridge.
And I have traded my Converse for flip flops. (I may not be all the way ready...i need a pedicure).
Summer, you may not officially arrive till June 21st but you are already welcomed here in my book!

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