Saturday, May 21, 2011

Have a beautiful weekend!

I cried. I pushed down our For Sale sign. I refused to believe I wouldn't be graduating from from Valencia Elementary school in Upland,CA. When my parents told me we would be moving to Arizona, ARIZONA, all I said was "where the cactus are?" Arizona to me was red dirt and cactus. No beautiful ocean, no beautiful willow trees, no beautiful ivy walls...but dirt, rocks, and cacti.
We moved February and were met with an absolutely beautiful place. No ocean but beautiful lakes. No willow trees but beautiful paloverdes, cacti, and succulents. No ivy walls but fields of wildflowers. Arizona turned out to be a beautiful place to live. Until May. It then gets hotter than Haides. Unless you are in a pool, you are not outside. The mall, movie theatre, and coffee shops become the happening places.
However, there in an anomaly in our weather this is the end of May and it is absolutely gorgeous. So my goal this weekend is to enjoy the beauty.

I challenge you to do something this weekend to help you see the beauty around you...take a bike ride, go for a walk, have a picnic at the park, etc. Enjoy the beauty and have a beautiful weekend!

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