Friday, May 13, 2011

I wish but I'm thankful

I wish rocks wouldn’t find my windshield a magnet (4 times this year) but I’m thankful we have free windshield replacement and a glass company that comes to your door, i heart USAA.

I wish I could take a road trip visiting each of my extended family members to just be able to spend time with them and share life but I’m thankful for Facebook to be able to see recent photos, chat about our kids, and even share recipes.

I wish Corbyn could potty train himself but I’m thankful that as his mommy I get to teach him all the essential things in life to help him succeed. There is no greater reward than being a mommy.

I wish I had Advil in my house at this moment but I’m thankful for a husband is currently massaging my neck to relieve my headache, maybe even better than Advil.

I wish I didn't look like a total goob when I laughed but I am so thankful for the laughter in my life.

See what I mean =) and yes I am in my pajamas, in the ocean, Corbyn decided to make an impromptu run for it.

1 comment :

  1. Amy! I was actually just thinking about how you DON'T look like a goob when you laugh. Haha I saw a picture of you laughing and thought, "Amy looks good when she laughs!" And I didn't think it as creepily or weird as that was much more natural. Haha