Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vacation Part Two: San Diego

Part two of our va kay was in our favorite place to go as a family...San Diego. Hours of free entertainment (I'm surprised they haven't figured out a way to charge going to the beach), food from all our favorite college spots, and remembering all our favorite stories from Point Loma sharing them with Corbyn. Here's a glance into our week.

We played in the sand.
We filled our buckets with water and sand crabs.
We were buried with Popie and played super Corbyn.
We ate at Pizza Nova on the harbor, yum.
We finally took a picture with mom (I don't think we had taken an alone picture in 3 years, sad)
We learned how to make wishes into a fountain from Uncky Chris.
We tried to dig to China.
We built a sand fort with daddy.
We arrived at the beach every day by 9:30 and parked ourselves there till naptime even eating sand filled sandwiches on our towels.
We were very happy!

Oh San Diego, we love you, see you soon!

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