Thursday, July 7, 2011

I wish but I'm thankful

I wish vacation could last for longer than it does but I'm thankful I can go on vacation and then have a job to come back to.

I wish Corbyn could just sit still at a restaurant so we didn't feel like we had to eat at hyperspeed but I'm thankful he is an active, healthy two year old.

I wish summer television was more than just Wipeout, the Bachelorette, and reruns but I'm thankful that my house is cleaner and I sleep more because of it.

(Speaking of sleep) I wish I slept as well on vacation as I do in my own bed but I'm thankful my bed is something that makes me happy to be home.

I wish someone could invent teleportation so I could hang out more with my cousins but I'm thankful for Cruizin 2011 for bringing us together and laughing harder than I have in a loooong time.

Corbyn even wants to spend more time with his 2nd cousin, he loves her =). I am thankful for this.

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