Thursday, July 14, 2011

Vacation Part One: Lake Arrowhead

A great start to our vacation!

We had long dinners with lots of storytelling
We ate lots of delicious food next to our bestest buddy and even shared our food.
We were entertained by Gammie.
We had lots of time to read.

We dug and dug and dug annnnnd dug for worms (I am a worm finding expert).
We found lots of worms and even got brave enough to hold them.
We enjoyed nappy/snuggle time
We had dance parties on the balcony.
We sat and watched the hugemungous boats on the lake.
We had cousin cuddle time watching Toy Story 3.
We stayed in our jammies till noon.
We rode a chuga chuga choooo choooooo.
We saw amazing fireworks (my bropher took this one).
We celebrated.
We took lessons in posing for pictures from Corbyn.

We had fun with yaya and popie and had one very happy boy!
We had a fabulous time!

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