Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Close to the Heart

Every time Corbyn sees my mom he is more interested to see what necklace she has on than saying hello. She has a beautiful locket she keeps Corbyn's picture in and he wants to make sure he stays close to her heart...super sweet. I want a necklace that is meaningful and Corbyn wants to make sure I am wearing so here are some significant beautiful hand-crafted necklaces I found.

Affection Pendant by Blue Poppy. Express your affection by putting it in writing. "Each pendant is made to order by carefully shaping every letter completely by hand from 14 carat gold-filled wire than soldered into place". So pretty and so delicate.

Personalized Morse Code Neckalce by Coatt. Simple, thought-provoking, and totally unique, I don't think too many people would have Corbyn or -.-.---.-.-...-.---.

Seedlings Necklace by Pear and Peacock. I love the simplicity and cleanness of this necklace.

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