Monday, July 4, 2011

Family Reunion

I laughed so hard I was crying, tears literally streaming down my face as I made this quiet almost kitty like squeal/screeching sound as I tried to catch my breath. My aunt was standing across the room reenacting a recent awesomely awkward experience and we were rolling in laughter. Family get togethers=bellyache.
Nothing makes me happier than being with people I love, it energizes me and I feel a deep sense of contentment. I always seem to leave with a smile, full belly, and full heart. I am so thankful for my family, I am so thankful we could take time out of our busy schedules and gather together, and I am so thankful for the memories created.
But it did get me thinking, I have so much more family I would love to see and spend time with. Hence the reason for this reunion planning!
If I was to plan a legit family reunion here are some things that would be on my to-do list...

Cute invites like these from
Reunion t-shirts that arn't cheeseball! Like these from Angela Hardison Design.
Fun and simple decor like this from
Family Recipe food
A fun competitive game for the kiddos (and big kiddos!)
A cute keepsake to take home like this from I am picturing Corbyn's hand, my hand, my mom's hand/dad's hand, and grandpa's hand/nana or papa's hand.
Or throw all the details out and figure out a time and place and come armed with stories and laughter =)
Hope you had a great 4th I know we did!

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