Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Writing Letters

To those who find themselves here, 

Welcome! Glad to have you in my itty bitty corner of internet space (it still blows my mind how the web works)! My hope is that as you sip your coffee, are having your victory lap once the kiddos have gone to bed, or need a little escape from your desk at work I hope this place brings a little joy or thoughtful conversation to your day. 

I am kind of the opposite of a hoarder.  I am more prone to throw something away for sake of neatness and simplicity than I am to keep it for sentimental reasons. However, I have two boxes under my bed. One box holds letters and cards I have received from people over the last 15 years. Words that have brought tears to my eyes, words that have encouraged, inspired, made me giggle like a three year old having ferberts blown on their tummy and words that have made my heart swell. I have kept them all. These letters have made it through every sudden purge and every move. The second box holds every letter and card my hubby has ever given to me. From the letter he composed when I left to college, to the card he got me when our first boy was born, to the random note he left on my pillow for no reason at all.  I have kept them all. 

These two boxes are sacred to me. They signify chapters of my story. They help me remember. They bring happiness. They communicate care. They translate love. 

I love reading through these letters and I love writing letters to people. So this blog is going to be my attempt to write letters. Write letters to my boys, my family, fellow believers, God, friends, moms, you...whomever comes to mind. May this be a place of love, encouragement, and laughter. 

Love, Amy

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