Saturday, October 13, 2012

Superhero Saturday: Trash truck guys

To the trash truck guys,

You bring joy to little boys all over North Park Thursday mornings! Shrieks and then little thunder pats of footsteps are heard as my little guy runs to the front window to watch you pick up the trash and dump it. Thank you for always waving! Your job stinks and yet you look for the little over excited three year old in the window or on the front stoop and make his day by waving. I have heard that you guys also pick up the trash in the alley by my boys preschool on Thursday, he says that you honk your horn for them and wave. What a guy.
Thank you for doing your job well. I'm sorry when its hot out and the trash is extra stinky. You make me want to wrap all dirty diapers and old meat in plastic to keep the smell down for you, I will do my best. Thank you for teaching my boys about acknowledging people and sharing kindness. You are heroes to me and a certain three year old that yells very loudly.


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