Friday, October 19, 2012


To my precious boys,

I want to keep you at home with me forever. I want you to stay within these safe, understanding walls. We can sing, dance, build forts, play superheroes, read books, color, heck, I'll even let you watch movies but I want you to stay here, right here, in the security and comfort of our home. Mommy loves you, loves all of you, your fun quarks and silly imaginations, your cute freckles and stinky feet. Mommy believes you two are the greatest and does not want anyone to tell you otherwise. I don't want to see you hurt because someone calls you a "baby" or looks at you strange because they don't understand why you run around making whooshing noises with your hands.  You are special and unique and deeply loved.

But mommy also knows she can not shelter you forever.  There is this big, amazing world with beautiful people that I also want you to experience and embrace. Yes, you will have awesome friends you can depend on.  Yes, you will succeed in lots of things (not everything, but lots). Yes, there will be times where you will be picked first. But yes, there will also be times where you will be picked last. Yes, you will experience rejection. Yes, you will be hurt or misunderstood. Yes, you will come home crying one day because your feelings were hurt. Although I would love to make sure your heart never has to feel pain know those are the times where character is built and God's strength and grace is prevalent. You will learn from those times.  You will be a better man because of those times. But when you can't see it and you just need someone to tell you how absolutely wonderful you are, you know who to come to!  I love you boys!

Love, Mom

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