Wednesday, January 4, 2012

San Diego Bound

Moving to San Diego list of wants:

A bright colored beach cruiser with a kids bike trailer on back.
A cute beach cover up. To be able to play and still feel like I'm getting sun without revealing the bod =)
A double jogging stroller (in Corbyn's favorite color) for all the walking and getting in shape I will be doing.
A backpack for my little man who can not wait to go to preschool a couple mornings a week. He goes poopy on the potty and then asks "can I go to preschool now mom, please, please?"
San Diego Zoo passes. What a fun morning it will be to take the boys. Thanks to my bropher and my sis-in-law we got these for Christmas already!
A sailboat. A girl can dream!
Soon San Diego, soon!

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