Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Wind Up: Girls Weekend

I look back at college and smile. I don't think about the late nights studying, I don't think about crying in my professor's office my freshman year after I found out I got my first "C" ever on a test, I don't think about the cost of tuition and books. I look back at college and I smile because of the relationships I made. I met my bestest friends at Point Loma and five years later and 500 miles apart they are still my bestest friends.
This past weekend we gathered together and did what we do best...laugh, tell stories, and eat. It was a fabulous catching up time. Here are just a few pictures from the weekend...

Me, Lola, and Lisa at the Hotel Del Coronado sitting by a fire pit in big comfy chairs, watching the sunset, and laughing hysterically...perfection.
Almost everyone on Katie's balcony in Dana Point with a fabulous view of the ocean...lots of reminiscing and stories told here, as well as, some great advice.
Everyone at Kammie's bridal shower at Royal T in LA.
Amazing time! And we basically ate our way through Southern California in two days (yummy!)...if you want to know of where to go here's a list of places we went that I highly recommend.

The Mission- i never order the same thing twice because everything is so good but I definitely like their chai coffee.
Santana's- it is now called Fresh MXN but it will always be Santana's to us. Order the Veggie Burrito, my fav is beans, cheese, potatoes, and guac. But if you feel you need meat, go with the California burrito.
Old Venice- our favorite nice hole in the wall place to go and just right down the street from the college, the atmosphere is wonderful, and the food even better. My fav is the Ensalada Venicia with
Hotel Del Coronado- the most laid back atmosphere and spectacular views. You can just go and buy something little and sit on their amazing patio for hours.
Extraordinary Desserts- no matter how much you have ate, you have to finish your day here. Everything is fabulous but my favorite probably is the white tea and banana cream pie.
Javier's- 1st time experiencing and they had THE best shrimp tacos I have ever had!
The Vine- delish! The Mexicali burger was awesome.
Royal T - when I think of LA, I think of an eclectic mix of culture and art, Royal T definitely upheld this image of LA in my head. A uber unique place with really good food. The squash raviolis were yummy!

Here is to a fabulous weekend and more girls weekends to come (this time not 2 1/2 years in between)!

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