Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Inspiration Board: Displaying Photos

On a happiness scalle of 1-10 photos make me an 11 in happy. I love that a moment, a memory, a feeling is captured and preserved so I may display too many photos in my house but it makes me happy, so psssh. I did decide I need some creative new ways to display my photos so I went searching, here are some ideas I am tossing around.

So, I love everything about this family room but the three huge square black and white canvases I adore. I also heart the black and white pics in the black and white frames above the tv.

Disguising your tv within a wall of pictures, fab idea.

This is a stunning and interesting photo wall, awesome way to display nine favies. My symmetrical type a personality loves this.

A photo headboard! How fun and colorful! I love how the photos & pillows are matchy matchy.

What an awesome way to spruce up a hallway. Not only do they have photos displayed but cute sayings, sentimental keepsakes, fabric, and prints. (I might have to hire someone to do this though I don't think Wil has the patience for how long this would take me to get right.)

Yay for pictures having a home!

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