Friday, June 24, 2011

Have a Cool Weekend!

My car burned my toosh today, black leather and 113 degree Arizona sun are not an ideal combo. I have started the "I don't care if my car is stolen I am turning it on 10 minutes before I get in it so I don't die". I get just a smidge uber drama when I'm hot so we do all we can to keep the crazy beast from showing her ugly head. I thought moving an hour and a half north would help the heat sitch but it was over 100 in P-town today, not much of a difference when your also much higher in elevation so our plan for this weekend is to keep cool. Our weekend plans include going to a movie, swimming, going to the mall, out to dinner, and to see Sweeny Todd the musical. Coomon thread? Staying cool!
I challenge you to find a new fun way to stay cool this weekend...get a slip n slide, go to a play, meet friends for fro something fun without over heating. And drinks lots of H2O =).

Happy Friday!

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  1. fro yo sounds fantastic!! Your picture makes me want to go for a swim (: