Saturday, October 2, 2010

Amy, her beautiful smile, and rockin' boots

october 2, 2010

I admire this girl. I've met her once and I already admire her. She laughs easily, she is comfortable in front of the camera, and she is amazingly courageous as she has just moved to another state not knowing a soul and not having found a place to live, but still putting one foot in front of the other, getting on a plane with a one-way ticket and taking it in stride as an adventure. After hanging out with Amy for a few hours I can guarantee this beginning to a new chapter in her life will be full of blessings.

Good luck Amy and thank you for hanging out with me and allowing me to capture this time in your life!

Meet the beautiful Amy!
She has such a beautiful smile =)

This is her cat, Jag, he stayed still for two seconds, in fear, I believe.

One of my favs, though i have quite a few ;)
i heart her boots!

So pretty

This is her"i'm taking on this adventure" pose! Have fun Amy!

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  1. It means that she's a proud woman. Her last pose shows it all! You must be thankful that she posed beautifully back then. Her smile was definitely the star of the shoot! Did you feel happy after the shoot, btw? Her smile probably made you feel that way! :D

    Sterling Delorme