Monday, October 4, 2010

Mr. Hearne

october 4, 2010

This man taught me the important things in life. He taught me about white space and how if its trapped you are going to get a sideways glance and then have to do the spread over. He taught me how to pick fonts that make people go weak in the knees. He taught me about pushing deadlines. He passionately taught me Gandalf's wise ways. And most importantly he taught me that a pinch of wasabi can clear your sinuses for a week.

Mr. Hearne was my yearbook teacher for three years, though the time spent in that particular classroom probably equalled more like five years. His passion for stretching his students, teaching high schoolers english, and seeking perfection in a 246 page student-produced book pushed me to be a better leader, better student, better editor, and better person. I am so thankful for teachers who invested in me. Mr. Hearne was no exception.

Eight years later, I was able to reconnect with my teacher and his family as we met up in downtown Prescott to take his author photo. That's right, author photo! Mr. Hearne, or Kevin Hearne to the publishing world, is having his first three books of The Iron Druid Chronicles published in 2011. The first book is being released April 26th (sooo exciting!). I am so honored that he would drive all the way from Phoenix to have his photo taken by me! Here were his requests of the photo "look interesting but not so weird that I scare the bejesus out of potential readers", I believe we attained that, plus some. He looks pretty rock star author like.

Meet my teacher, your new favorite author, Kevin Hearne.
The photo will eventually be published in black and white so here it is in black and white

Check out his blog at

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  1. what a nice post Amy! Hearne's the best. That is so cool that you took his "author" photo! Can't wait for his books to come out.