Sunday, October 3, 2010

Peace, Hope, Love

october 3, 2010

He took his hand tenderly and a little bit hesitantly placed it on his itty bitty back, his head tilted to carefully inspect his hands, toes, and face, he had tears in his eyes and a smile from ear to ear. In that moment he had changed. We had changed. Everything had changed.
He sat amazed just staring at his boy perfectly in tune to his little baby squeaks and subtle movements. I fell more in love. Seeing my husband as a daddy, watching the way he looked at him, seeing the care he took as he gingerly swaddled him, and the love that just seemed to ooze out of him made me want to kiss both of them. The relationship between Wil and Corbyn is so special and I know for the rest of Corbyn's life every time he says "dada" there will be so much more behind it than just a title.
This is a series of photos I am entering into a "night of art" on October 15th. One of the young adults in our church started Screaming Souls, a non-profit artist cohort to give local artists an opportunity and outlet to share their artwork. If you live near the tri-city area come check it out at Bada Beans downtown off Gurley St. in Prescott and if you want to enter some artwork go to Peace, hope, and love.