Monday, September 27, 2010

Random Confessions (A glimpse into my mind)


I used to go to bed dirty. Like, really, dirty. I would play four or five or six games of softball in Arizona and come home completely soaked in sweat and caked in dirt, take off my uniform, put on my jammies and crawl in bed. Gross, I know. But at the time I couldn’t even make my tired body stand in the shower, I was totally finished for the day. I played hard, I was focused for hours, and was busy moving the whole day. I played infield and pitched so I never got a break, could never even take a breather and I liked it that way.

I went to college and all the infield positions were already taken by upper classmen so if I wanted to play I was to learn to play the outfield. Everything is slower in the outfield. You are not constantly in the action, you are not constantly moving, or thinking where you should be next, it was kinda boring at times. I would even go home from practice sometimes fully clean, what?! I found at practice my mind wasn’t fully engaged so it would wander, always aware what was going on around me (I promise Dave), but I could think about the waves and if it was a good time to go surfing, I watched the gophers heads pop up and down on our field wondering what their little tunnels looked like, I thought what it would be like to be a bird and wondered why all birds wouldn't want to live on the coast. I would also hum, but that’s another story. And sometimes these thoughts would formulate into words and I would say something to my teammates. It’s not good to say these things out of nowhere, I got labeled as weird and random. It hurt my feelings. I didn’t want to be known as the weird and random freshman. However, as time passed and as I became more sure of who I am I decided I am really random! My mind moves at a million miles a minute and sometimes I even forget what I was just thinking because it is so random. So today I am embracing my randomness and am giving you a glimpse into my crazy, random mind.

Some Random things.

*My grooveshark playlist…a sampling…Lifehouse, Lady Antebellum, Miley Cyrus, Passion Pit and Black Eyed Peas

*I only buy Peppermint gum

*I use my day planner religiously at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year. I’m not quite sure what happens between March and October.

*My car I have had in my possession for over four years is still registered under my parents. This only poses a problem in October.

*I bought a dresser off of craigslist that I am probably going to paint yellow. I told Wil just trust me.

*My face is the first thing I wash in the shower cuz God forbid I have to touch my face with wrinkly fingers.

*Things I call Corbyn: Baby, Munchkey, Buddy, Bubba, Bubby, C-Shake, Noodles, Gizmo, Giz, Lil Man. He responds to all. But if you ask him his name he answers “Baby”.

*I try to convince myself, all the time, I actually like to run.

*I throw most things away, the one thing I do keep, all cards and notes from my husband to me and from me to my husband.

*I’ve started to think about Corbyn’s 2nd birthday party, which is at the end of January.

*I save my money for nice jeans.

*Really needs to have an at home movie day to see all the movies I’ve wanted to see in 2010 but I’ve missed in the theatres…Eclipse, Inception, When in Rome, Iron Man 2, Toy Story 3, Despicable Me, and The Switch.

*=) and ! in emails make me happy.

*I miss my teammates.

*I would write in all lowercase if it was grammatically correct.

*My going to bed dirty days are over, I now take two showers a day =)


  1. You can still see the switch and inception! I wanna see the switch. let's go amy! lol. i like your randomness. and lists. so this was the coolest blog ever.

  2. Your teammates miss you too Amy!!! I always wondered what you outfielders did all day at the secret is out:)