Thursday, September 16, 2010

Braids and Admiration

september 16, 2010

My mom once hired someone to come to our house and spend a warm summer afternoon with us. Their purpose was simple, teach my mom and her two left hands how to french braid my hair. After a few hours of tugging at my head, some barely audible choice words, and a few tears my hair was in one big knot. Not the pretty, perfectly symmetrical braids I had so desperately wanted to match Brittany Smith. My only hope for this hairstyle I wanted to sport was found in my friend April. We went on almost every vacation with their family, so a few times during the weeks we were on vacation, my mom would ask April if she would braid my hair. I was afraid to ask. April was older than me, and oh, so much cooler than me. I looked up to her. And as she braided my hair pulling till my eyes would water (that's what made it look good), I sat thankful that not only she could braid but she would take time out for little Amy.

Years later, (though not with the desire anymore for the perfectly symmetrical double braids), I find myself again thankful for the friend I have in April, and again, admiring her. April is an amazing wedding photographer, (, and last Saturday I had the privilege of tagging along with her to a beautiful wedding. I watched, I thought, I coveted (her equipment), I learned, I shot a little bit, we chatted, we laughed, we got In 'n' Out. It was a fabulous experience and I am so appreciative that April would still take time out for not so little Amy.

Thank you April! Love you!

And since a post is better with a photo. This is actually a photograph of April's parents waiting for the ceremony to start.

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