Saturday, September 4, 2010

Sarah- 3 months

september 4. 2010

At three months old she's already such a girly girl. Having a boy and a nephew I know that from a very young age boys make little grunting noises and are naturally drawn to destructiveness. Sarah makes these cute little high-pitched girly noises and coos and at her "can't-sit-up or hold-my-own-bottle" stage knows that a tutu, though uncomfortable, is a style must. She is precious and is such an easy going baby especially if she has her cute pink heart paci, seriously I thought Corbyn liked his paci, not even close to how much Sarah loves hers.
I love documenting sweet Sarah as she grows and changes and can't run away from the camera quite yet =).

She's so beautiful!

This beautiful delicate green dress her Nana wore when she was a baby, how awesome is that?!

This tutu her Aunt Natalie made, its sooo cute!

Sarah and her mommy both wore this yellow dress for their baby dedication
Attempt at getting a cousin picture, all three blue eyed babies!

Big brother Ry-Ry!
Best buddies!

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