Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Barbie Jeep Dream

september 7. 2010

It was a shade of pepto bismal pink, creamy white, with lavender details, went five miles an hour, and at the age of six meant a freedom I never had tasted before. Wind blowing through my hair, peddle pushed to the ground, I had arrived, my dream of my very own Barbie Jeep had come true. I was no longer the perennial passenger in my cousins jeep, I had one of my very own. A jeep that had come from the proceeds of lemonade stands, raking leaves, and vigorously searching the couch cushions (i secretly think my dad actually put money there for me to find). My little dream had led to reality.
My camera arrived today. A year ago I (stole) my dad's camera and started to see things in a different way. I started to see the beauty of life through a lens, captured at hundreths of a second, creating memories of moments. I liked what I saw. I felt like it sparked something in me and I went into Barbie Jeep mode. This is a beginning to a dream but it feels good that there is a beginning. There are so many steps, who's kidding, giant leaps ahead of me I need to take, and honestly, I'm overwhelmed. But at the same time I know with hard work, sacrifice, and a lot of encouragement being a photographer will become a reality. It will be even bigger than my Barbie Jeep dream.
And since I know the road ahead will have a steep learning curves and at times will be discouraging I decided to start with a list of why for myself.
Why I want to be a wedding photographer.
1. I love love!
2. I love stories and one of the greatest stories you can tell is two peoples love story
3. I love making people feel beautiful
4. I love raw emotion
5. I love seeing two people vow crazy things and actually mean it
6. I love happiness
7. I love dresses, shoes, jewelry, flowers...basically all things wedding
8. I love performing under pressure
9. I love looking at my own wedding pictures, remembering.
10. I am passionate about it

Here is to the road ahead!

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