Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Little J 4 Years Old

february 16. 2010

I first met little J when she was learning to walk and would sit at my desk searching for the tape dispenser and now, though tape dispensers are still so cool, she just turned four years old and is totally into barbies and princesses. J is full of life, energy, adorableness, and a little of momma's sassiness ;). She is so much fun to be around as she loves to make people laugh. J is so beautiful with her head full of blonde ringlets and blue eyes that I know her daddy will be holding her closer and closer to him as she gets older.

J, I had so much fun with you and love watching you grow up and become quite the big girl! Oh, and you will make a fantastic big sister in October, congratulations! Love you guys!

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  1. Amy Ryland!! These pictures are SO good!!! :) :) It looks like she was loving being the center of attention! haha. Very good job! seriously! i was blown away! haha