Monday, December 7, 2009

Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down

december 7. 2009

Is happiness a choice? I have been on quite a few short term mission trips to the slums of Mexico, seen houses that only have porta potties, dirt floors, and 10 people living in a two bedroom 800 square foot home and they are genuinely happy. Then I have seen people who from the outside seemingly have everything but are unhappy and unsatisfied. Not that I think you have to have a smile plastered on your face all the time but I do believe you can choose happiness, even in a found pair of keys, peppermint ice cream, or warm laundry.
I have decided every other Monday I am going to share my thumbs up, the things in my life that definitely make me want to cheesily smile, scrunch my shoulders up to my head, and hoist my thumb to the sky in approval. But since I am also realistic I will give the things that make me frown and give a thumbs down.

Thumbs Up
Ugg boots- This to me means winter has come and my toes are in their fuzzy, warm home (I have officially broke out the ugg boots today as it is snowing!)
Fresh Flowers- They just make you feel better and your table inviting They have some awesome gift ideas for great prices

Thumbs Down
Diapers- I will be potty training my son as soon as possible, he may not be able to walk yet, but he will be doing his duty on the potty
Egg nog ice cream- so good, yet so not good for you
Creatively addressed junk mail- the outside makes you curious so you open it and learn it's still junk mail

Just because this face is always a thumbs up and so are pictures!
Make it a happy week everyone!

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  1. This was cool! I like reading your blogs Amy!
    You should do Corbyn's hair like this again because it's so dang cute!!