Monday, December 21, 2009

A Modern Day Love Story

december 19. 2009

You take two different personalities, two different pasts, two different ways of looking at life, two different definitions of clean, two different tastes in television shows and you get harmony? Yes, but not very easily.

I love love stories. A good love story tugs at the heart and gets the tears a flowin (at least for this soft soul). But our definition of love is jaded. Disney teaches us at a impressionable young age, you always get the guy, fireworks will go off the first time your lips finally meet, that instead of walking you will be joyfully skipping through the streets. Though I have not found love to be exactly like this, darn, the love I have found looks more beautiful, more full, more like this...

Not having to change a diaper the first two weeks of my son's life
Making the bed
Paying for a chick flick on a Friday night
Coming home to a clean house
Selling his bike to help me save for a camera
Looking through hundreds of pictures encouraging me
Putting down a book in the middle of a chapter to chat with me
Knowing the best and worst about me and continuing to love.

This to me is real love.

photo by: Bethany Steinmann

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