Monday, December 21, 2009

All Things Christmas

december 20. 2009

Awww Christmas time! I have distinct memories of the advent season. My mom putting out the nativity scenes without baby Jesus in them (He didn't make His appearance until Christmas day). Driving up the scariest road desperately trying to sleep so I didn't have to look down the steep mountain with no guard rails as we drove to a Christmas tree farm for hot chocolate, a petting zoo, and of course a perfectly shaped tree. Bringing that tree down the hill, untangling the lights to put on the tree, my dad stringing the lights two, maybe three times if they weren't perfect, then picking out all my favorite ornaments and making sure they were front and center on the tree. I remember always going to this street where it was their streets "law" to totally deck out their house in lights. I remember singing Christmas carols, drinking egg nog, and dressing up in my black, red, or green velvety dress for church (you had to dress up to celebrate Jesus' birthday).
I thought I would share some of the things in my house that make me smile at Christmas time.

The first ornament I ever bought for our tree. "Why a butterfly, that's not very Christmasy" stands for new life and we were just starting our new life together when I bought it.

Our First Christmas married!
The top of the tree with the star that will never stay strait hehe.
Christmas table
Snowmen...the only, and I mean only thing, I have ever collected.
Wil believes candles should always be lit in winter, I think it makes him feel like it's Christmas time =)
Merry Advent!

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