Monday, November 16, 2009

Watching the Leaves Fall

november 16. 2009

We are all busy. We have responsibilities that require us to be somewhere, do something, majority of the time. I remember as a kid when the
trees lining our property leaves would fall off and going out with my dad raking them into a pile and jumping into them with my brother. I can still smell the distinct, yet indescribable, scent of the leaves as the smell soaked into my sweatshirt. I love fall and yet it happens so fast, one day the leaves shine bright gold and red, and a week later they crunch into hundreds of pieces as we tromp over the fallen mess rushing to be on time. Last weekend when Wil and I were driving, again hurrying to make it to our destination before the baby woke from his nap the memory of jumping in leaves brought a smile to my face so I decided to pull over and enjoy the beauty of fall.


  1. Great Amy!! Wonderful composition and great framing. Keep up the great work