Monday, November 20, 2017

Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season

It's coming you guys! The biggest food holiday of the year followed by lots of parties and gatherings as we prepare for Christmas and the New Year! A huge part of these holidays is the table. I love the table. I love gathering, I love hearing the stories and laughter, the clanking of dishes as we sit across from one another. Food is the means to which we gather. It helps us celebrate. It helps us remember. Food gives a pathway to connection and communication. Our holidays are wrapped around food and I so love it but while you are trying to implement healthy habits, this can prove difficult. So, I wanted to share some practical tips!

My Goal: 
-I want you to enjoy your food thoroughly 
-I want you to not feel guilty 
-I want you to still get results 
Lofty goals but I totally believe it is possible! 

1. Get moving every day

Whether you push play, hit the gym, walk the dog, or have football game with your family, get that blood pumping! 

2. Eat a healthy breakfast.

Make sure you're eating a balanced breakfast at the start of your day.  This will keep you satisfied as you move into more temptations later on! It starts your day off on the right foot!

3. Eat lots of fruits & veggies.

Eating lots of fiber will keep your body energized and your immune system healthy! It will also keep you feeling full longer.  Eat lots of fresh fruits, veggies and even nuts to keep you full!

4. Listen to your body

Eat until you're about 80% full.  If you're still hungry go back for seconds and if you're not just stop.  Enjoy your food but also be aware of when you're body is telling you its full.  Slow down while you're eating so you can be more aware. This is my biggest struggle and something I have to continuously keep in check. 

5. Volunteer to bring a dish to a gathering

This will give you a chance to fill your plate with something you know is healthy but also delicious. Fix up a traditional recipe using cleaner ingredients or make something out of your regular that you are just as excited to try! 

6. Scope out the food

Check out all the food at the dinner party so you can decide what you actually want to enjoy and eat!  When you put a little bit of everything on your plate you're often left with a few dishes that really aren't you favorite but you feel obligated to eat them just cause its there.  Scope out what you want before hand so you can just pick your favorites!  If you're still hungry go back for your second choices later.

7. Don't label anything as "off limits"

Enjoy a dessert and some fun foods during the Holidays. When we label certain dishes as off limits it leaves us feeling deprived and often causes the restrict-binge cycle.  Enjoy your favorite foods and desserts and don't feel guilty - permission has been granted!

8. Drink a lot of water!

Drinking a lot of water is going to keep you hydrated and full.  It keeps you from eating those empty calories. Especially if you're consuming alcohol make sure to drink a glass after each drink! 

9. 3 Bite Rule

When you really want something but don’t want to indulge in all those unnecessary calories take 3 bites. The 3-bite rule breaks down like this: take one bite to say “hello,” one bite to savor the flavor, and one bite to say “goodbye.” With each bite, slowly chew the food so you can really taste it.

10. Get Rid of the Leftovers

Enjoy your special treat meal but don’t keep that food lingering around your home. You will be more likely to keep on indulging and your body will start craving more food like that.

May you have a blessed, happy and healthy holiday season!

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