Monday, April 25, 2011

Closet Love: Casual Working Girl

I had to buy a black suit in college. A two piece, multiple button, no character to it but a high price tag, suit. But I felt so professional, so classy as I stood in front of my peers giving presentations preparing for the real world. I graduated and went to my first interview in my black suit, like I was told to by my professors, and I walked into the interview room and almost died. I was way overdressed. I started to sweat. I actually asked if it was ok if I took my jacket off as I was starting to get nervous that 1) I would break out in hives how hot I was in my black suit, in summer, in Arizona and 2) that they wouldn't hire me because I was too stiff. I'm sure a suit is necessary for some jobs and interviews but Arizona seems to have this laid back attire in the workplace. Even at city council meetings the councilmen are just in slacks and Hawaiian shirts.

So for my first job I ditched the black suit opting for more relaxed business attire but then I switched jobs and even the relaxed business attire was too much. And though it is fun to dress up and wear high heels everyday I was excited to wear jeans. Everyone in the office wore jeans. Awesome. So jeans and converse became the usual. Sounds nice but I have been looking for ways to dress down but more put together and this outfit is something that I think would be perfect for a casual workplace, or lunch with friends, or shopping, or a day date, lots of possibilities!


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