Thursday, November 11, 2010

Keith + Tressa

november 11, 2010

They were introduced, that week they went on their first date and five extremely short months later they were engaged. And then nine very short months after that they were married. Sometimes your soul just recognizes its counter part and why wait to begin a beautiful life together! Keith and Tressa laugh, and giggle, and laugh some more, and then they make silly faces at each other and laugh some more...yeah, they're basically adorable. It was so much fun spending the afternoon laughing with them doing the thing they like to do most, be with each other, and then getting to do another one of their favorite things, going to a game (really any type of game) and cheer on their team.

Keith and Tressa, happy almost 1 year anniversary! May this coming year be filled with more love, joy, and of course, laughter. Thanks for hanging out with me in front of my camera, you two are definitely a joy to be around =)!

Your babies are going to have some beautiful eyes!

You are gorgeous Tressa, inside and out!

This is the Miley Cyrus picture ;)

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