Sunday, August 29, 2010

Well-Oiled Machine

august 29, 2010

Ringtone number 6 goes off at 5:30 in the morning, on high, I do not hear this sound as it is my other half's alarm. My alarm then goes off at 6:30, snooze, 6:35, snooze again, 6:40, yup snooze again, 6:45 I am up and in the shower. No, I don't go say good morning yet, I'm not awake nor in a pleasant mood. Out of the shower and I'm a totally different person, it's like the water has magical powers. Good morning to my hubby and then the glam squad comes out. It's about this time the little guy starts to wake. Some happy groans in the monitor and then I hear the door open to Corbyn's room and can hear my hubby and lil guy exchanging good morning hugs and kisses, life is perfect at this moment. Wil then brings Corbyn to me and I get the little arms wrapped around my neck and kisses on the cheek and lips, best part of the morning, I think so.
Corbyn sits with me, Wil gets ready. Corbyn helps me make the bed. We make our way to the kitchen, Corbyn sits in his highchair eating breakfast watching me pack all our lunches and Wil gets the dogs fed, watered, and stuff in the car. I set out Corbyn's clothes. Wil comes back in and gets Corbyn dressed. In a rush I grab anything else I need for the day, telling myself over and over don't forget your cell phone, don't forget your cell phone. And we are out the door, hopefully only a few minutes late to work.
We are a well-oiled machine. And when one half of that machine is out of town your left with a frazzled, putting makeup on in the car, forgot the boys shoes, dishes in the sink kinda morning.

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  1. Amy your blog is beautiful!!! I seriously have read through all of your posts tonight. You are a rock star with the camera, your pictures are so amazing and you have a beautiful family. Love seeing the pictures of Corbyn. Keep up the good work on the blog!