Monday, August 16, 2010

One and a half

august 16. 2010

He quietly but purposefully reached across his high chair tray with outstretched arms. I looked at him asking "what do you need, buddy?". He had his food, he had his sippy cup, even had his ketchup on the side of his plate already. But he looked right at me and then at his hand. Then he looked at his daddy and did the same thing. So we took his hands and with a big grin on his face he exclaims "Aaa den!" That's Corbyn for "Amen". I cried. This story describes so much about him, his precise observance, his awareness of others, his language, his sensitivity, and his ability to love. He's so full of joy, laughs, kisses (seriously he will kiss anyone and anything), spunk, sweetness, love and a little bit of stubbornness. This is my Corbyn at one and a half.

This is his "I'm going to do something naughty face"
I just love his smile, its like his whole body can't contain his smile so he smiles with everything.

I love this little pensive face!
This is seriously my brother 22 years ago.

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  1. Amy you're awesome.

    And so are these pictures.

    And so is your son.

    The end.