Tuesday, March 30, 2010



I have always been competitive. The type of competitive where I would end up throwing up I wanted to win a race so bad. The type of competitive where I would be one of the first at practice and last to leave. The type of competitive where I took a drawing class in college, for the first time ever, with people who were art majors, who had been drawing for years, and when my first drawing ever, didn't make the top two I spent hours, seriously hours, perfecting my next drawing so it would. The type of competitive that ends up getting a deck of cards thrown at me on my honeymoon. The type of competitive that pulls out my laptop, looks up, and quotes facts when arguing with my brother. It can get ugly (though I feel I have improved on the ugliness rearing its head) and yet competition drives me. It sparks a passion in me to push myself and extend my thinking, abilities, or to-do list.

I read Epiphanie bags was having a contest to win a Canon 5D Mark 11, oh my gosh, I love contests, and I want that camera, I could feel my competitive nature rising up, what do I have to do...rack up some points. I won't say everything I did to earn but lets just say out of a list of 12 things I completed 10 of them, even opening a twitter account to fulfill two of the tasks =). One of the things they asked was to make an Epiphanie card, which they put in their bag pockets and send to customers. Epiphanie cards are picture notecards that have quotes, thoughts, or epiphanies on them so I thought I would share what I came up with.

Another part of the contest was to take a funny photograph to show how much you love Epiphanie. So here it is...

Winning the contest is a long shot but you never know when you may be showered with a little luck and I had fun doing it so thank you Epiphanie!

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