Tuesday, January 12, 2010

mark + dray engagement

january 11. 2009

Usually when you see a couple that starts dating when one or both are in high school you can almost bet that they will not get married. However, when Wil and I moved to Prescott 3 years ago we met Mark and Dray who had been dating about 6 months. She was a junior in high school, he had just graduated, they were young, but looking at them Wil and I both thought their love was genuine. They were affectionate with each other, sweet to each other, encouraging to each other, and laughed easily with one another! It has been an honor to watch them mature together and their love grow over the past three years.

Mark and Dray you are two people who understand what true love is and I have no doubt you will be even better together married. Congratulations and here is to happy wedding planning.

Dray you are beautiful!


  1. Wow...great job amy framing everything. You knew where to put them. Wonderful lighting balance. The whether was on your side. Great positioning and an awesome landscape always helps.

    Keep up the great work.