Monday, April 29, 2013

Hudson is 1!

To my Hudson,

I look at you and my heart swells. Your smile can light up a room. Your laugh is contagious. Your excitement excites those around you. Your warmth makes people feel loved. You are sweet and brave and passionate and funny. You have captured us baby boy! It has been so much fun and such an honor being your mommy this past year watching you grow, loving on you, and seeing this amazing personality develop. Oh little man, we love you!

At one year old here are some things about you...
You are almost 22 pounds and 30 inches and are in the 53rd percentile in height and weight.
You love music. Anything. Everything. You bounce and sway and wave your hands to the music.
You eat most things but fruit is by far your favorite. Grapes, cuties, strawberries, bananas are amongst your favorites.
The faster, the higher, the more dangerous the better to you. Slides, scooters, bikes you just love to go fast!
You always take one shoe off in the stroller or car seat. Usually the right one.
You started walking at 11 months and by your first birthday were basically trying to run.
You say mama, dada, dog (daw dawg), that (dat), Andy said you said Andy (Annie) when he was watching you, and at your 1st birthday party you said yaya.
You sleep with a monkey that sings and every time I lie you down in the crib you look over at Charlie monkey waiting for mommy to turn him on.
You still love to nurse at 4:30 in the morning and to calm you down after your afternoon nap when you wake up so crankerpie.
You love to be clapped for.
You think your brother is the funniest person alive and love playing chase with him. You love being chased!
You oh ew oh aw oh all the way through Sea World and the zoo.
You sign more and we are trying to get you to sign all done because you like to aggressively throw your food on the ground.

You love to be outside. You are happiest outside. 
The park is your happy place with the beach coming in a close second. 
You are the best at waking brother, daddy, or me up with your tender hugs and excited giggles.
You love to turn the lights on and off. And blow them on and off. 
You love mommy's keys and to pretend your driving. 
You are so freaking cute!

Huddy, we love you sweet smoosh! Happy 1st Birthday! 

Love, Mom 


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