Monday, March 11, 2013


To the pre-teen boy in the Chargers jersey,

You have no reason to be ashamed. You have no reason to be embarrassed. Fear is a powerful emotion induced by a perceived threat that can be rational or irrational. Did you know there are actual phobias like fearing clothing, or beards, or the color yellow, and even fearing peanut butter getting stuck to the roof of their mouth. No joke! Sometimes fear leads us to act bigger or stronger or quicker than our normal and sometimes it can just be paralyzing. I want you to know it's ok. I saw you. I felt your fear. I could see you were trying to do something that though may be second nature to a lot of people was hard for you. And you did it. I am proud of you! Good job!

The lady behind you on the escalator

ps. I hope someday you can face another fear and confront your dad about his reaction.

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