Tuesday, February 5, 2013


To Parents and Future Parents,

We give. We give. We give some more. We have nothing left to give and we give.
It's "can you wipe my toosh."
"I'm hungry."
"I can't find my batman, can you?"
"Whah." Change diaper.
"Mom, Hudson is trying to get into the toilet."
"Can I watch tv?" No.
"Can we go for a walk then."
"I want to ride my scooter." Get scooter.
"Mom, I want to ride my bike." Get bike.
"Hudson is riding in the wagon? I want to ride in the wagon."
"My sheets have sand in them can you change them."
"Mamamamamama." Feed baby.
"Mooom, can you please put on my Captain America suit."
"I accidentally peed on the floor, can you clean it up?"
"Can you turn my suit inside out?"
"Can you button me up again?" Put on.
"Actually I want to be Ironman, can you put that on."
"Whah." Sit on floor with baby.
"Mom, I'm thirsty."
"Mom, this is just water I want ice also."
"Whah." Back to floor.
"Mommy, I opened my cup to make sure there was ice and I spilled it."
"Mom, can you read this book to me."
"Moooom, can you please put Hudson somewhere else he keeps grabbing the pages."
"Hudson spit up."
"Whah." Give baby toy to play with.
"Mom, these shoes are pinching."
"Wonder woman."

We give and give. It is the absolute best thing and hardest thing to be mom (or dad)! But then there are moments, sweet glimpses of your babies learning to give back when they offer a very aggressive kiss or a "Mom! I love you!" "You are the best!" and your heart wants to explode with love. I have never given so much of myself to anything. I have never loved so hard. So emotionally. So passionately. So intimately. So unconditionally. Then the way I love my kids.

It kind of reminds me of a love I have received! Maybe being a parent is a glimpse into how God loves us. His tank just never depletes like ours do and he never whines about it.

Thank you God for loving me. Thank you for my amazing boys and for teaching me how to love them.  I love you! You are the best!

Parents (future parents), we can do it, we have a beautiful giver to imitate!

Love, Amy

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