Friday, December 14, 2012


To my Corbyn,

I asked your preschool teachers how you were doing in school. It took me a couple weeks to ask this and even as I did I held my breath waiting for their response.  As I stood there squeezing your brothers legs a little tighter and trying to quickly analyze their facial expression I thought about the the first time I had asked this question and got the response that you were working on keeping your hands to yourself because you were determined to be a crime fighting superhero (naturally). Since then when I have asked you how you are doing, you have told me you talk too much (which I'm sure is true) and only play by yourself (which I know isn't true because I watch as I come and go) so I asked waiting for a list of things we were going to have to discuss and work on at home. But to my surprise, which really shouldn't have been surprising, she looked at me, smiled and said "Corbyn seems to love school and is so compassionate with his friends. He makes people feel comfortable and always asks people to play especially those who are having a rough time".

This will always be better than A's on a report card. Being a friend, being hospitable, compassionate, and caring matters. At not even 4 years old you already get it. You are already making these things apart of who you are and for that my boy, I am so very proud of you.  May you continue to feel deeply for your friends, to look out for those hurting around you, and act out of love and compassion.

Little man, you really are a superhero! Just remember...keep those hands to yourself =).


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