Friday, April 9, 2010

Christopher & Claire

april 9. 2010

I remember playing Ninja Turtles with him and him playing house with me, always wanting to be the puppy dog or the baby which makes me giggle now, but was totally normal then ;). Christopher is my "little brother" and I sometimes forget he is now 6'3", graduated from college and has a real job, makes real money, and really is in love. To me, he is the freakishly tan, for our white family, little boy that comes running on the beach introducing us to his "new fwend thats goin to come to his birfday party (which is in december)". But when I see Christopher now and the man he has become it makes me smile. And to see Christopher with the love of his life makes me smile even more.

Claire is absolutely adorable and such an easy person to get along with. They are perfect for each other and they are so happy. They laugh. And laugh. All the time! Spending time with them this is the main thing you notice and get to join in on. They balance each other and they are so incredibly kind, considerate, and affectionate towards one another. Their future holds wonderful things and can't wait to see what it holds! Love you guys!

They laugh.
They loveThey adore one anotherThey are still

And giddy

And goofy

They are so much fun

And So beautiful
(Note to Claire: I agree with my brother you are stunning with your serious face) And I had to include the next one cuz its very Twilight-esque and I love all things Twilighty.

They are so in love


  1. Amy! These are seriously great. I really like the second one and the one right after "they love." they're very cute. :)

  2. Great Job cousin!!!! I am going to back you up, the "serious" one of Clair is one of my favorites, next to the fountain image and the one of Chris holding his "baby"....Keep up the great work.